Meet The Team

Our Team

We’ve scoured the country for a team that are not only incredible at what they do, but they’re also passionate and love it, too.

General Manager

Daniel Mason

Dan runs The Urban Fox and is a Londoner born and bred. He has been immersed in the world of hospitality since the age of 16. He now lives in Nuneaton with his wife Jenna and their dog Hugo. Dan brings nearly 15 years of experience having ran pubs, restaurants and most things in between. Dan’s sweet spot is his love for hosting. Every great moment and experience is built one conversation at a time and Dan will always be the first to greet you. You can always count on Dan to remember two things, 1. Your name, 2. Your tipple of choice. Challenge accepted!

Head Chef

Rose Pud Colyer

Rose runs our beautiful kitchen, the engine room of the Urban Fox. Rose has always had a huge passion for food and playing with ingredients from a young age. She has been a Head Chef in both big companies and independents for over 5 years now and is one of the great brains behind The Urban Fox menus and their development. Most mornings, You can catch her up scribbling up her specials in The Fox Den on our giant scroll. Many have came, many have read, few have been disappointed. She is usually busy in the back while Dan takes the glory but feel free to ask for her at the bar.

Deputy Manager

Ana Cristina

Every great Sheriff needs a Deputy; Meet Ana. Ana is Brazilian born, grew up in France and then of course decided the only place to settle down was Leamington Spa. Ana is multilingual speaking French and Spanish and completed her languages degree at the University of Portsmouth. She is a Grade 8 Cello player, Grade 5 Saxophone and can juggle Lions (OK we made the last one up). Ana has two beautiful kittens waiting for her at home every night. Ask to see a picture of them next time you pop in and you’ll fall in love like the rest of us!
The best of the Rest

The Team

Our hand picked team are brand new and were trained on all things Urban Fox from the end of September through to our opening day on Monday 7th October. Go take a look at our family tree on the way to the secret garden to see who will be backing up Dan & Rose.